Best Iphone Messenger MIG33 Released

Are you interested of chatting and being contacted with your friends and loved ones every time? So you can easily with MIG33 4.04. Join the world’s best mobile chat service. Millions & Millions of users, Hundreds of thousands of fun chatrooms, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, GTalk, emoticons, profiles, photos, themes, email, calls, SMS & more! Works on over 2000 handsets.

MIG33 is the largest global community that brings you the power of the internet right to your mobile phone with great features like :-

  • Chat with millions of mig33 users
  • Keep friends in the loop with new status updates
  • Make cheap calls to any phone, anywhere, anytime!
  • SMS friends instantly with a cheap flat-rate
  • Personalize with cool themes, wallpapers and ringtones
  • Express yourself with tons of different emoticon packs
  • Share photos directly with all your friends and save them online
  • Free credits for inviting friends to join

Chat online in real-time with millions of other users! Check your buddy list to see who’s available or block users to protect your privacy. You can also set alerts to let you know when your favorite people are online. IM your friends using compatible instant messaging services like MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, GTALK on your phone.

Chat with anyone, anywhere and in any language inside hundreds of thousands of mig33 chat rooms on your mobile. Join an existing chat room and meet new people, or create one only for you and your friends. Best of all, the chat rooms are absolutely free!

Not only this , you can make cheap calls to any phone, anywhere, anytime!Say goodbye to international calling cards and punching in annoying serial numbers. With mig33 you can make low-priced calls to any phone anywhere in the world with your mobile…or your computer.Find out the call rates here

SMS is an incredibly convenient and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your buddies, globally – especially when they are not online. With mig33, you can send an international SMS from your mobile or computer for a flat rate of only 10 cents (AUD) per SMS to over 500 networks around the world.

With friend updates, you can keep your friends informed on what you’re up to, and follow along in their lives! From status messages to sharing a photo, to joining a chat room, you’ll get an instant update and even have the chance to join them!

And lots more.. Get Mig33 4.04 Today

Mig33 is a mobile download application that brings a potent mix of social networking, IM and VoIPfeatures to your mobile phone. Any mobile that can run Java and connect to the Internet by GPRS, 1X or 3G, can use Mig33. Once installed users can do all the basic social networking things like create profiles, send photos, friending and messaging. They even have chat rooms, which is separate from their IM feature. When users are logged in they can make VoIP calls.

You can start photo sharing right away from your mobile phone.Share photos directly from your mobile phone with your online buddies. Pictures are automatically saved to your scrapbook, which you can view and organize with your mobile or computer.

Create your own profile and tell the world about yourself. You can share your interests, what you love, what you hate, and even photos. Plus you can view other profiles and meet new friends that share similar passions. And if you refer a friend to join mig33, it’s even easier to share profiles, photos, scrapbooks and more with them.

As a mig33 member, you’ll have access to our members’ only website where you can:

  • access IM and chat rooms
  • send emails
  • make inexpensive phone calls and send SMS
  • share and organize photos
  • create and edit your profile
  • recharge your account
  • refer friends to become members

Everything you can do on your phone, you can do on our website, right from your computer.

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