Samsung OZ Double Folder SPH-W6450 Mbbile

The Korean mobile phone maker Samsung has yet another new mobile phone, this time it is the Samsung Double Folder SPH-W6450 mobile handset,it is also know as Samsung OZ which as the name suggests incorporates a double joint mechanism which means if can fold two ways.To make a user’s texting, calling and portable entertainment a soothing experience, Samsung has announced OZ Double Folder (SPH-W6450) dual flip phone. Want to call or text – use it like a normal clamshell phone; want to view live TV, images/videos or surf th/0internet – flip it horizontally. The horizontal flip shows up Internet, music player or DMB icon for quicker access.

They call it the OZ Double Folder Phone, and it has been designed to improve the way you watch TV via DMB or compressed videos on your phone. You can do all that with any other smartphone you will say. But does your smartphone rotate two ways? Or should I better say fold two ways? I don’t think so! That double joint rotation mechanism turns your phone in either a clamshell phone or a mini-netbook. You choose!

It adds to the series of recently presented devices the company plans to release to the market during this year, among which we could see the Samsung OMNIA HD, or the SPH-W7100, which comes with an alarm siren.

It seems that Samsung has worked a lot on delivering an enhanced portable entertainment experience to its users, along with all the calling and messaging facilities the device sports. When flipped horizontally, the new double-jointed Samsung OZ Double Folder will shows up Internet, music player or DMB icons to allow for a fast access to these functionalities.

Samsungs SPH-W6450 might not be available outside of Korea, but this dual folding phone is rather interesting, as it was designed for portable Internet viewing. It can open up like your run-of-the-mill clamshell phone, but it can also unfold

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