TrackMate GPS Software For Mobile Phones

TrackMate is an interactive GPS software for your phone whether you are a single user or in a group. It provides you options to view your location, create landmarks and interact with your group from your phone. The application receives the GPS information from the inbuilt GPS OR an external bluetooth GPS receiver.

TrackMate provides the features to view the location details, speed, top speed, direction and your instantaneous location on floating map with street view and satellite view. You can create landmarks denoted by colored flags which can be shared with your mates on the phone and web. It provides feature to track yourself or your group mates live from the phone as well as from the web. You can chat live with your mates if they are online, or send offline message to your mates which will be delivered to them as soon as they turn on the application.

Note: To eliminate permission alerts while downloading Map blocks on phone:

Go to the Application Manager (Settings -> Data Manager -> App Manager) of your phone, set the cursor on top of TrackMate, press Options ? Open/Suite Settings and check that you have the following settings:
Access Point: Select a valid internet access point
Network Access: Ask First Time

In certain phones, you can change the permission by highlighting TrackMate and then,
Options -> Application Access -> Communication -> Network Access -> Ask First Time Only


Location Details: TrackMate shows your current speed, top speed, direction of motion on a compass, location details as well as your instant position on floating map.

Create Group:
TrackMate uses a very easy approach to create groups. Only thing you have to do is sign up with a username and password and ask your group members to signup with the same username and password. All members in a group uses same username and password and each member is identified by their Nick name.

Create and Share Landmarks:
The application also offers options to create flags(landmarks) which are your points of interest. You can share or unshare the flags within the group by setting it as public or private. A member in a group can create a public flag and it can be viewed by all members in his group while tracking this member. A private flag is not shared in the group and can be used as a personal landmark of a member.

Track your Groupmates: A member in a group can view the live motion of other group members from the phone. If a member is currently offline, then his last available location will be shown on the map along with location details and time. Inorder to hide or view the location details of your groupmate on a bubble on the map, just hit softkey(5) on the phone while you are tracking this mate.

Chat with Mates: TrackMate also offers options to chat or send offline messages to your group members. Offline messages will be delivered to a member as soon as he becomes online or whenever he starts the application. You can also select the option ‘Chat with All’ in order to send messages to everyone in your group.

Map Softkeys: TrackMate uses Softkeys to create landmarks(7), scroll(UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT), zoom(1,3),switch map/satellite views(#),switch landmarks(*). Details of Softkeys are provided in ‘Key Tips’ command menu on the map view.

Phones without GPS: For those who dont have a GPS phone OR an external bluetooth GPS receiver, you can still use the application by unchecking ‘USE GPS’ checkbox in the Application Settings. By doing this you can use all the features of TrackMate except your instantaneous location on the map.

Online Presence: Online presence denotes whether others can see you online or not. Online status can be changed from the Application settings by checking or unchecking the ‘Online Presence’ Checkbox. If Unchecked, all your mates see you as offline and is denoted by red box. Your groupmates cannot track you while you are offline. If Checked, all your mates see you as online and is denoted by green box. If you exit the application, your status is automatically set to Offline.

Tracking Periodicity: Tracking periodicity denotes the interval between which a member can be tracked. If a member sets tracking periodicity to 5 seconds in his application settings, then other members can have a live tracking of this member with location updating every five seconds.

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