HTC Touch Pro2 Review and Specifications

The HTC Touch Pro2 is designed for business professionals. The device is the successor to the HTC Touch Pro. The HTC Touch Pro2 is like the simultaneously introduced HTC Touch Diamond2 on TouchFLO 3D, people-centric communications and Internet Push technology. Furthermore, the HTC Touch Pro II high-resolution 3.6-inch widescreen VGA display and a user-friendly QWERTY keyboard. With more battery capacity, expandable memory, a light sensor that adjusts screen brightness to the lighting conditions and a sensor for automatically tilting the screen photos and videos, the HTC Touch Pro2 both optimized for use via the touch screen as many email via the keyboard.

HTC Touch Pro 2 Box Comes with-

  • Screen protector
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 2 x software CDs
  • Small catalogue of optional accessories
  • USB data/charge cable
  • Multi-regional adapter
  • UK fitting for adapter
  • battery
  • 2 x stylus
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Pair of USB Headphones

HTC Touch Pro2 Features

  1. Straight Talk technology with a loudspeaker and dedicated noise-cancelling microphone that delivers superior quality conference calls.
  2. New interface makes multi-party calling easy by tapping contacts.
  3. Appointment reminders cue up the phone number and PIN, ready to be pressed.
  4. Slide-out 5-row QWERTY keyboard with raised keys and adjustable 3.6-inch touch-sensitive tilt screen for enhanced viewing.
  5. Zoom bar to precisely zoom in or out when viewing images, webpages or Google Maps.


Let me mention that this is a pre-production version, which I feel very close to the production version is.In the box branded by HTC, we have an additional memory card,a USB data cable, stereo earphones, a soft cloth to keep the display clean, the travel charger, battery 1500 mAh, and manuals on cd rom with Active Sync and Touch Pro 2 Really not bad.


The HTC Touch Pro2 is a high end smartphone with a weight of 175 grams. The dimensions of the smartphone are 11.6 x 5.9 x 1.7 inches. The time is (under ideal conditions) 429 minutes. The standby time is 348 hours under these conditions. The HTC Touch Pro2 is available in the colors black and gray.

The front.

Proximity sensor.
The proximity sensor is also on the front of the aircraft somewhere over the internal speaker. This is a very cool feature. This detect whether the appliance into the ear and then turn the screen on automatically.This is very handy for saving battery

VGA CMOS Camera.
The VGA CMOS camera for video calling is located in the upper right corner. This indicates a reasonable quality during the video call.

The Zoombar

Under the screen we find a zoombar. It can be used when browsing or making a photograph. To use zoombar slide your finger from left to right to zoom in and right to left scrolling is out.

The buttons.
At the bottom are from left to right, the call buttons, start menu, and go back. The buttons are fairly small and I believe are a significant distance to the thumb to press. I myself have fairly large hands and it is for me not as a problem to the call button.


At the bottom as usual HTC has the connection for the mini-USB port placed. This connection can be just as in a number of other HTC devices also be used for the headphones to be connected. HTC success formula of the 3.5 inch headphone jack on this unit and we must abandon the USB headphones

Operating System

The Touch Pro 2 running on Windows Mobile 6.1. Later this year, HTC released an update available for Windows Mobile 6.5. The TouchFLO 3D is a real world application.

The operating system driven by the processor from Qualcomm 528 MHz with a memory of 288 MB RAM and a ROM 512, to seek work without, in any of the features it presents. And the features are many, including professional, designed for the business man who is still a long away from your office.

Call & data functions

The HTC Touch Pro2 supports GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz networks. With the Touch Pro2 you can fast mobile internet through HSDPA and UMTS support.The speed of HSDPA removes the difference between home and catching. With the HTC Touch Pro2 you can sent and received text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages . In addition the Touch Pro2 has a WAP browser. Thanks to the support email you can simply read your own emails. Vibrating Alarm and polyphonic ringtones are obviously part of the standard equipment.

Memory and connectivity

The HTC Touch Pro2 has 512 internal memory (Flash). A total of 1 microSD slot for external memory. You can data transfer through miniUSB to and from your PC. The Touch Pro2 also has Bluetooth, WiFi and a VideoOut connection.


Windows Mobile Standard offers a wide range of multimedia functions. If you can play WMA and MP3 files to listen, and you can view WMV and MPEG Videos. With new software you can also listen to other formats or view. The HTC Touch Pro2 also has a built-in camera, where you can record videos. The maximum resolution of this camera is 2048 x 1536 pixels (3.20 megapixels). This camera has no optical zoom.

Display & Control

The operation of the smartphone will take place on the device itself with Toucscreen. The firmware of the smartphone is upgradable. You can later possibly newer versions of the operating size of display 3.6 inches, and 65,000 in the dark colors that seem very good.That’s why HTC introduces the possibility not only to use a keyboard, but also to direct the display to your liking by changing the aperture.90 to 180 degrees is really good . Even so in landscape orientation the Touch Flo 3D continues to operate without delay

TouchFLO 3D

The TouchFlo 3D is also in the Touch Pro 2 are compared with the old Touch Pro. First, it is worth that the Touch Pro 2 is also a horizontal TouchFLO 3D interface. Ideal for when the unit opened on the desk. The tabs are in a horizontal view as good as normal TouchFLO 3D. There is a new tab added “Stock” in which exchange rates can be obtained quickly. There is also a calendar tab added, which has a month view. Each day can be clicked and then a day view. Some tabs have been huge improvements.

The Touch Pro 2 keyboard with an extra 5 rows. All alpha-numeric characters 1 to press the button within reach. The keyboard feels very nice and is one of the best keyboards I’ve ever seen on a handset.Fortunately there are on the keyboard a few additional buttons such as Caps , Shift, Ctrl, FN , Mail and arrow keys.


  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support and HSDPA 7.2Mbps
  • 3.6″ 65K-color touchscreen WVGA display
  • Five row full QWERTY side-sliding keyboard of brilliant ergonomics
  • Revamped TouchFLO 3D Home screen and gesture controls
  • Wi-Fi and built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS
  • Qualcomm MSM7200A 528 Mhz CPU and 288 MB DDR SDRAM
  • Dedicated graphics chip (64MB RAM reserved for graphics)
  • 3.15 MP auto focus camera
  • Active stylus
  • Touch-sensitive zoom bar
  • Standard miniUSB port and Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
  • microSD memory expansion
  • TV out
  • Teeter game aboard
  • Cool YouTube client
  • Excellent video playback
  • MS Office Mobile document editor
  • Opera 9.5 web browser

All in all you can say that the Touch Pro 2 is good. This unit is extremely well thought and that you notice everything. The proximity sensor works great for saving battery, the zoombar works well in the application where to work.The head phones back to mini usb is very unfortunate. Furthermore the device very few hardware buttons and I had a lot to get used to the missing D-pad.HTC Touch Pro 2 connectivity to pc is good also for HTC Touch Pro 2 configuring for internet is also easy .A good screen protector is must for the Touch Pro 2.The cheapest HTC Touch Pro2 costs is around € 550.00. Of course, the Touch Pro2 also available with subscription.


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