Nokia Life Tools Service now in India

Nokia has announced the commercial launch of its Nokia Life Tools service in India. The Life Tools product is designed for emerging markets commercially in India. The service will be rolled out first in Maharashtra in association with the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board. This tool will deliver news, entertainment, educational and agriculture services. Practically speaking that means, people will be able to access weather and crop information, or tips and advice for studying for exams, and entertainment services, which includes things like astrology, jokes and ringtones. The company has also announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the MSAMB, which will deliver “expertise in the areas of commodity prices from their network of 291 local mandis.MSAMB will also have the opportunity to deliver relevant news, alerts on schemes and other information directly to consumers. The basic service will cost INR30/month with a premium service available for IRN60/month.

The Nokia Life Tools Education service offers three components like Learn English with basic, intermediate and advanced levels, Exam preparation guidelines and General Knowledge information. Shri. Ashok Chavan, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra said, “We are happy that Maharashtra is the first state in India to go live with the Nokia Life Tools services in association with the state marketing board. Empowering our people with the right tools and facilities is a top priority for the State Government. I would like to congratulate Nokia for developing a unique and innovative service that has tremendous potential to improve lives and the livelihood of farmers and sub-urban consumers in Maharashtra.” The service will be initially available on the just launched Nokia 2323 classic and Nokia 2330 classic devices, and will be later expanded to other Nokia devices.

While the basic plan is available across the entire country, the premium plan will only come to 10 states, including Maharashtra.Nokia Life Tools is an icon-led, graphically rich application. The service is easy to use with the capability to display two different languages simultaneously on the same screen, thereby enhancing usability. The service is not dependant on the customers ability to insert complex settings or have access to GPRS on their mobile phones . Once the Nokia life Tools application is activated ,the customer can begin to use the service seamlessly.

Nokia Life Tools services use an icon-based, graphically rich user interface that comes complete with tables and which can even display information simultaneously in two languages.Nokia is also working with Reuters Market Light, Syngenta, Madison Research, Skymet and others. Nokia Life Tools is hosted by OnMobile in India. The Life Tool is basically a range of Agriculture, Education and Entertainment services mainly addressing the information gaps of target consumers.

1. Nokia Life Tools Agriculture services

It is aim to plug the information gaps and needs of farmers, by providing information on seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, market prices, and weather via their mobile phones.You’ll be empowered with tailored and reliable information in synch with the cropping cycles delivered regularly to your mobile phone.

2. Nokia Life Tools Education
This tool provides career and education services, including English language learning, General Knowledge, Exam preparations and results, as well as career information and tips.It offers some services like :-

  • Learn English
  • General Knowledge
  • Test & Exam preparation
  • Exam results

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