Tata DOCOMO Unlimited GPRS for Rs.99

Tata DOCOMO has launched the best ever Unlimited GPRS Plan for just Rs.99 Per Month.

Tata DOCOMO GPRS Offers following services:

  • Tata Dive in WAP
  • Internet
  • MMS
  • Tata i-Channel
  • Google Search
  • Vu-Clip – Mobile Friendly Search engine
  • Social Networking
  • GPRS


Charges (DIVE IN WAP)

There are no national monthly rental charges. Browsing is free on Dive In portal in home network & TATA DOCOMO networks while roaming nationally. You will be charged only for content downloads. You will be charged for browsing Dive-In portal while roaming in non-TATA DOCOMO network

TATA DOCOMO Portal Browsing:Free on TATA DOCOMO Home Network & TATA DOCOMO National Roaming Network

TATA DOCOMO Portal Browsing:10P/10KB on Non-TATA Roaming Network.

TATA DOCOMO Portal Browsing:Rs.5.50/10KB on International Roaming.

Internet Browsing:1p/1KB on Tata Home Network.

Internet Browsing:10p/10kb on TATA DOCOMO & Non-TATA Roaming Network

Internet Browsing:Rs.5.50/10kb on International Roaming

Rental pack available on Post Paid: Rs.99/ month (100 MB free internet usage in TATA DOCOMO Home & National Roaming Network)

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