Advantage of buying only Sim Card

It is not necessary that every time you buy a sim card you have to buy a new mobile set. In fact, all the GSM service offer the option of buying only new Sim card, be it pre-paid or post-paid. The services providers these days are offering ” sim only plans” that says that you don’t need to change the handset to change your number.
Most of the telocom companies are going for the option called as ” sim only contracts” which means the contract is only related to the sim that use without any concern of what handset you are using. This makes a customer free to use his handset or buy new if he wants.
There are a number of reasons for which a customer may need to buy a new sim card, or we can need to change his sim card for new number.
the various reasons are:

  1. change of geographical location
  2. customer needs to change du e to connectivity issue
  3. to opt for better mobile rates with different sevice provider.
  4. for security issues
  5. due to change of job that may require to follow company policy.

Whatever be the reason, one cannot afford to change the handset every time.

There are various service providers in market that offer easily change of SIM without changing the handset. To name some you can visit :

These websites give you a lot of idea as how to change your sim card without changing handset.

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