Mobile Application Goojet Brings Web on Your Mobile

Goojet is a free mobile application designed to improve your internet mobile user experience. Discover tons of mobile content selected according to your tastes.

The best part is that you can share everything you find on Goojet with other users and then receive the best from them. You can share an article, a mobile site, a video, a poll or even a game!

This Mobile Application Goojet is basically used to find all your favorite,necessary and useful content over the internet and then have them live on your mobile phone. So, basically your laptop in your mobile. All your social networking sites like facebook , Twitter, News sites, RSS Feeds of your favorite websites etc can be so handy and you can access them on the go. Above all you don’t need to pay a penny for it. Its all Free.

Goojet helps you in creating your own Mobile Space.

Features of Goojet:

  • Thousands of services – aka “goojets” – available.
  • Create your own widgetst
  • All Social networking websites on your mobile phone
  • All your Email Clients on your mobile phone.
  • Send text or SMS to your friends for free.
  • Available on hundreds of phones through an easy-to-install application
  • Totally Free!
  • iPhone users, this also works for you! Register and download Goojet from the Apple appStore

For Installation, Sign up and FAQ’s Visit Goojet

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