Record TV Shows from Your Mobile via Airtel Mobile Recording

Airtel launches its Mobile Recording service, a first of its kind in India. Airtel’s Mobile Recording enables a Airtel Digital TV User to record his or her favorite TV Show directly from their Mobile Phone, just that the set top box should be in Stand by Mode. You can view the entire TV Guide on your Mobile, choose your channel,Select your show and hit the record button to record your favorite program, so that you don’t miss them ever.

Step by Step Guide to Set Up Mobile Recording:


To download the Mobile Application that enables you to record from your mobile. Send a SMS with Keyword MGUIDE to 54325. Now download and install the application on your handset.


Now open the Digital TV Recorder application on your mobile and select the show or program which you want to record. Now press the Record  button, this instructs your set top box to start recording of the selected show as soon as the show starts.


Now that you have instructed your set top box to record the show (And you did it sitting in office on your mobile! ) , You can now relax and your show would be recorded by the time you are home.


Now to view your recorded show, Select Menu, MY RECORDINGS. Select the show you have recorded. Sit back relax and enjoy the show 🙂

For Further Instructions Visit Here

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