10 Things about Nokia X Series Mobiles

Nokia X Series is the latest Nokia is focusing on, These phones looks promising, has got good features, even they are priced smartly and reasonably. Let me in very short summarize all about Nokia X Series Phones, i.e. Nokia X6 , Nokia X3 and Nokia X2

Nokia X Series is soon going to become Music Lover’s first choice, they are so rich in their music experience. I was going through Nokia’s blog and came to know about certain things about X series which most of us don’t know. So i thought of sharing the same with all my readers.

Ten Things We should Know About Nokia X Series
  1. Music is the highlight of X Series Phones. All X Series phones comes with separate media controls. They have quality built in speakers, FM radio and 3.5 mm Audio Jack
  2. Nokia X6 comes with a Captive Touchscreen and it is Nokia’s first Captive touchscreen mobile. This offers smoother navigation.
  3. If you are not touchscreen lover, then you don’t need to worry, X3 and X2 comes with standard keyboards.
  4. Nokia X Series exclusively Comes with Music service offers à-la-carte music direct to your device.
  5. Browsing and downloading is very easy with X Series Mobiles as they come with Ovi Music on Offer.
  6. Nokia X3 was the first S40 Nokia phone with direct access to the Ovi Store
  7. Nokia X6 has a Marathon Battery. It offers up to 35 Hours of music play which is not provided by any other Nokia Music Phone
  8. All XSeries devices come with a hot-swappable micros SD card. The X6 comes with memory up to 32GB, and both the Nokia X3 and Nokia X2 comes with 16GB.
  9. Flaunt the Accessories like Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9. This compact speaker is powered by a couple of AAA batteries, so it’s portable and it’s also good for up to 50 hours music playback.
  10. Don’t mistake the Nokia X3 with the Royal Navy’s X3

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