Nokia Business Mobiles in India

Nokia has a wide range of mobile phones in India, But when it comes to dedicated business phones for professionals, then Nokia has 3 Business Phones Currently in Indian Market. These 3 are Nokia E71 , Nokia E72 and E63. E72 being the latest among these three, followed by E71 and E63. Nokia is soon launching E5 and C3 as full QWERTY Business Phones in India.

Among the existing three, Nokia E71 had been a great success and has lured many business professionals to use this phone. Having said that, Even E72 and E63 has performed well. All these 3 phones are Full Qwerty Phones and common features includes 3G Network support,Expandable Memory, MMS, Email, Chat, Video Calling, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS and FM Radio

  • Design and Look: Nokia E71 and E72 has sleek metallic design, however E63 lacks metal body
  • Camera: E72 has 5 MP Camera, E71 has 3.2 MP Camera and E63 has 2 MP Camera
  • Battery: E72 has a better battery life than the other two. It has talk time up to 12 Hours
  • HSDPA: E63 can not support high speed broadband, however the other two can
  • Price in India: Nokia E72 is available at a Price of Rs.16,000 , E71 at Rs.13,000 and E63 at Rs.8,500
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