Use Mobile as Social Media Connector

These days mobile is more than a simple cell phone that helps you to make calls, click photos or listen to the music. Now with technologies like sparqcode it a medium through which you can get yourself connected to the social media (face book, twitter), websites, games, addresses and maps. You can any of these applications on your mobile phone. For this you only need to use qr code api.
There are various websites that help you to download these applications and are become future of mobile phones. One of them is the sparqcode and it uses qr code maker to help you out and get started in easy manner.
The beneficial part of these websites is that they use QR matrix code which is very much resistant to errors. Basically a QR code is a two dimension code that can be easily read by camera phones or any dedicated QR barcode reader. The information that is encoded by qr code can be either some URL, text or other form of data.
Hence we see that be it any form of date, it can be encode by a good application using qr code and sparqcode is making this easier for all of us.
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