BlackBerry Tour 9630 Review in India

BlackBerry Tour 9630 is low range BlackBerry phone from RIM. If you compare it with any feature phone it will be one of the best phones on the other hand if you try it comparing with some smartphone you will be truly disappointed. This phone is for the real business professionals for whenever you are. The BlackBerry Tour 9630 is the first Global 3G BlackBerry phone released from RIM (Research In Motion). The features look and form factor of this phone is already showing that this is a phone for the professionals and the addition of Word, Excel or PowerPoint has made this phone a perfect business tool enabling you to finish your unfinished jobs on the go. The phone looks like the BlackBerry bold at first but after some using the differences start to come out and the good side is that the differences are all good. To start with, the BlackBerry Tour features higher resolution in the display which is 480×360 where the Bold features 480×320 pixels resolution though the difference is not that noticeable. The app support of this phone is not too bad but if you are habituated to the iOS then it will take some time to get you habituated. The 3.2-megapixel camera’s quality is good and they serve a good purpose of a camera as the images captured with full resolution looked quite sharp. The loudspeaker is not so good but the feature of standard 3.5mm jack will cover up the lacking of loudspeaker and give you a good bit of entertainment. Sending and receiving emails are very comfortable and easy for which the BlackBerrys famous and popular for. There is feature for using up to 11 email accounts together in this phone though you will be able to use 10 personal email accounts and the number 11 email account will be the BlackBerry client. And comparing to the perfection the BlackBerry email client is a lot better and less buggy than the other emails.
·         2.4-inch display
·         High speed3G connectivity
·         Full QWERTY keyboard
·         BlackBerry OS
·         3.2-megapixel camera
·         Access to BlackBerry App World
·         Expandable up to 8GB
·         MicroUSB v2.0
·         Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
·         3.5mm audio jack
·         256MB internal storage
Technical Specifications:
112 x 62 x 14.2 mm
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
HSDPA 2100
Form Factor
2.4-inch display
480×360 pixels
BlackBerry OS
Internal Memory
3.2 megapixels autofocus and LED flash
3.5mm jack
microUSB v2.0
Memory Card
Expandable up to 8GB
Email, SMS, MMS,IM
Video Recording
Available colors
Not present
Other features
BlackBerry maps
BlackBerry App World access
Document Viewer
Video playback
H.263, H.264, MP4, WMV
Audio playback
The world roaming capabilities of this phone surpasses all the features of many modern smartphones of BlackBerry Tour 9630. The 3.2-megapixel camera is also something different from RIM as they are mostly emphasizing on the business purpose only keeping the entertainment section of their phones mostly useless. The app world of BlackBerry features a good number of apps you will be using. If you are a huge user of apps and you are used to the Google Marketplace or Apple Appstore then this app world from RIM is not for you. But if you want some apps that serve your purpose and looking good is not important to you the BlackBerry App World should be more than enough for you. The absence of Wi-Fi is visible too much as it is an impossible feature to miss in the phones of now a days. On the other hand the presence of 3G connectivity solves your data problem as it is also an important feature for a business ready phone. This phone has the access to both GSM and CDMA network. So, you are wherever in this world and whatever the network it is, GSM or CDMA you will be connected without changing your number. The phone will itself switch to suitable network and keep you connected.
·         Access to BlackBerry App world
·         Good at the basic features, calling and texting
·         4GB card included
·         3.2 MP camera
·         Fast and smooth BlackBerry OS
·         Expandable with up to 8GB card
·         Good battery life
·         Excellent camera quality
·         Excellent email performance
·         QWERTY keyboard
·         Low resolution screen
·         No Wi-Fi
·         Slow start up
·         Poor loudspeaker

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