5 Upcoming Mobiles in India 2011

Mobile Market in India has seen many highs in the past 1 year. Launch of iPhone 3GS, Android Phones, Symbian 3 made the headlines. Android was the revolution of year 2010. Almost every gadget lover started thinking and talking about Android. Indeed, it has proved its worth also. In India Samsung led the Android revolution with their most successful Galaxy Series Phones. LG followed them with their Optimus series. Nokia launched Symbian ^ 3 OS, which came under lot of scrutiny. Frankly and statistically Nokia lost quite a lot of their Indian market to Samsung and LG. Even smaller players like Micromax and Olive made their mark in Indian market with quite innovative products like Triple SIM Phones, Gamolution Phone by Micromax.
Well, that was Past, Now 2011 in Indian Mobile market is waiting for a lot of more launches and innovations. These are the most awaited mobile phones in India for 2011
  1. Apple iPhone 4 
  2. Nokia E7
  3. Samsung Galaxy S2
  4. Sony Ericsson Arc
  5. LG Optimus 2X 

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