Best Android Mobiles in India 2011

Android, This name would be haunting Nokia every now and then. Android in India is more than just an operating system. It is something which has hypnotized mobile users across the country. All major Mobile Companies except Nokia are using Android. Samsung changed their fortunes in Indian mobile market with latest android mobile phones. LG made a good success with their range of android phones in India. Other brands like HTC, Motorola also launched good android phones in india. Smaller players like Videocon, Spice and Micromax also joined the party. The latest to join the party in a bigger and better way is Sony Ericsson. They have 3-4 android phones launching in India very soon.
In this post, I am stating the best android mobiles in India. This is neither a survey nor any official report. It is totally based on my own understanding and likings. It may vary with your perception and thinking. You are most welcome to state your perception in the comments section of this post.
Best Android Mobiles in India:
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