Android Phone Price List India 2011

Android Mobiles in India have turned the mobile market statistics. Once leader, Nokia is experiencing its worst sales performance in India, mainly and majorly because of Android Mobiles. When Android Smartphones launched in India almost a year back, no one knew that it will gain so much popularity. The major reason being that, earlier it was targeted only to the high end business customers. Today Android Smartphones in India starts at just Rs.6,600 (Micromax A60).
The reason of Android’s success in India is actually more inclined towards the delivery failure of Nokia. Nokia is still India’s most trusted mobile brand, but when it came to Smartphones, they could not deliver what they had been doing for the past 10 years or so. Nokia Smartphones are sluggish, slow, have software problems, touchscreen is kind of stone touch at times. So here came a new mantra called “Android” from none other than Google! 
Android overcame all the issues that Symbian was facing, main highlights of Android Smartphones are listed below:
  • Multi Tasking. Use multiple apps at a time
  • User friendly and customizable home screen
  • Excellent Touchscreen Experience for users
  • Super fast processing speed
  • Not Sluggish like Symbian
  • High Quality Apps
  • Android Market
  • Better Social Networking Integration
The above was a bit Android vs Symbian in India, Now lets focus on current Android smartphones in India. Samsung has been the most successful mobile brand in India, when it comes to Android. Samsung has 10 Android smartphones in India currently and there are about 2-3 lined up. After Samsung, Its HTC ,LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson, they have also made a good market of android phones in India. Low cost mobile brands like Spice, Micromax, Videocon and Olive have also entered the market.
Price List of Android Smartphones in India (Updated 21st May,2011):
Price in Rs
Rs. 29,999.00
Rs. 28,999.00
Rs. 26,990.00
Rs. 26,399.00
Rs. 25,518.00
Rs. 25,499.00
Rs. 25,399.00
Rs. 25,299.00
Rs. 24,999.00
Rs. 24,999.00
Rs. 24,900.00
Rs. 24,835.00
Rs. 24,490.00
Rs. 24,399.00
Rs. 23,199.00
Rs. 21,999.00
Rs. 21,987.00
Rs. 19,900.00
Rs. 19,786.00
Rs. 19,530.00
Rs. 17,189.00
Rs. 14,999.00
Rs. 13,493.00
Rs. 12,899.00
Rs. 12,797.00
Rs. 12,674.00
Rs. 12,471.00
Rs. 12,290.00
Rs. 11,499.00
Rs. 10,999.00
Rs. 10,790.00
Rs. 10,499.00
Rs. 10,299.00
Rs. 9,500.00
Rs. 9,499.00
Rs. 9,399.00
Rs. 9,350.00
Rs. 8,999.00
Rs. 7,650.00
Rs. 7,399.00
Rs. 6,666.00
Rs. 8,300.00
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