Blackberry Torch vs Nokia E7 Comparison

Blackberry and Nokia are one of the best smartphones brand in India. The two giants have been relied upon heavily in the past but they have seen significant drop in appeal for their business smart phones recently. The major reason for this lack of interest on part of customers may well be the Apple‘s iPhone and a number of Smartphones by Samsung in India.


Blackberry Torch and Nokia E7 are the recent attempt of these mobile giants to bring themselves back in the demanding market of smartphones in India. This comparison of important features of the two smartphones will determine which company is heading with the right perspective to get their market share back.

Design And Display:
Both the smart phones are sliders. Blackberry continues with the old-fashioned QWERTY keyboard this time with a TFT touchscreen in sliding mode. The keyboard is nice and easy to work with and the phone gives you a pleasing feeling in hand. E7 slider has more of a mini laptop look that we have already seen with many Nokia business phones. Nokia opts for the rather modern AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16m support. E7 has a larger screen size of 4.0 inches compared to 3.2 inch screen of Torch. Although Torch weighs slightly lesser than E7, 161g Vs 176g, E7 is will still be the winner with better design and display.

Operating System:
Nokia E7 is a Symbian3 based device while Torch used the Blackberry6 OS with improved social networking features, improved webkit browsing experience. Symbian 3 operating system is what is going to let Nokia down, its simply just not enough to compete with Blackberry 6 and sometimes even a let down for its own hardware.

No surprises as far as the processing power is concerned on both the end with both manufactures not going for the latest 1Ghz processor that many competitors are opting for. Torch has 624 MHz processor with 512 MB of RAM and ROM and E7 comes with 680Mhz with 1GB ROM and 256MB of RAM. Both smart phones have decent Mail, office and synchronizing features. Even Stevens!

Storage Capacity:
We have seen the entertainment packed phones with tons of storage capacity but this is probably more important when it comes to a business phone. E7 has a handsome 16GB of internal storage capacity but unfortunately comes with no memory card support. Torch has 4GB of internal memory but also supports SD card up to 32GB

This is torch 5MP Vs E7’s 8MP. You may straight away make the call of E7 winning but what’s we are happy to see a 5MP camera from Blackberry and that too in a business phone.

E7 is fully equipped with the latest connectivity feature with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, Micro USB v2.0 and USB on the go feature. Torch has Wifi, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and Micro USB v 2.0

Nokia E7 is very much in lead on all the fronts but the Symbian 3 OS is a real let down and with so much emphasis being laid on OS especially in a business phone Blackberry might just have the final say.

Price in India:
Blackberry Torch Price in India is Rs.29,000. Buy It Here at Rs.28,000 
Nokia E7 Price in India is Rs.30,000. Buy It Here at Rs.27,800

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