Samsung Dual SIM Mobiles Price in India 2011

Dual SIM Mobiles in India has established a very good market for themselves. Even the likes of Samsung, LG and now Nokia have launched their set of dual sim phones in India. Samsung dual sim mobiles have outperformed its competitors. There are many reasons behind it, Samsung has dual sim phones for all market segments, starting at a price of Rs.1,400 to a Price of Rs.10,000. They have not only launched cheap dual sim phones, they have given them features which are at par with the normal single sim phones.
Below mentioned is the list of Samsung Dual SIM Mobile Price in India :
Mobile Name
Price in India
Rs. 10,200.00
Rs. 7,200.00
Rs. 6,000.00
Rs. 5,700.00
Rs. 4,600.00
Rs. 4,400.00
Rs. 4,000.00
Rs. 4,000.00
Samsung C3212
Rs. 3,700.00
Rs. 2,600.00
Rs. 2,380.00
Samsung E1252
Rs. 1,700.00
Rs. 1,500.00
Samsung E1172
Rs. 1,400.00

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