Upcoming Nokia Phones in India 2011

Nokia, still the best mobile brand in India, has not been at its best in the past 6 months specially because of the Android Phones market in India. Brands like Samsung, HTC and LG have given Nokia a tough time in the Indian market. Everyone knows the basic reason, that is Google’s Android Operating system used by Other brands and Nokia is still hanging on with Symbian, which actually has lost it Android. However, Nokia is trying its best to maintain the Numero Uno position in the Indian mobile market. All latest mobile phones in India are mainly Android based phones, so in such a scenario things are getting tough for Nokia everyday.
The next few months will see quite a few upcoming phones in India, Nokia has 4 new phones lined up to be released in Indian market in the next two months. One thing, where Nokia is thinking smartly is that, now they are trying to capture the rural and semi-urban market. In order to do that they are launching low price dual SIM mobiles in India like Nokia X1-01 and Nokia C2-00. Both these phones will give a tough time to smaller brands like Micromax, Spice and Karbonn. 
Nokia  will also launch two new smartphones Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 to keep up with the smartphones market in India. Nokia latest mobiles in India like E7 and C7 have done fairly good and had been the first choice of Nokia loyal customers, but still android mobiles in India are haunting Nokia.
4 Upcoming Nokia Phones in India are :
  • Nokia E6-00
  • Nokia X7-00
    • Another nice addition to the successful Nokia X-series mobile. This has the latest Symbian Anna OS with Touchscreen, 8MP Camera, 3G and Wi-Fi. Read Detailed Specs of Nokia X7 here
  • Nokia X1-01
  • Nokia C2-00
    • Dual SIM Mobile Phone with Monoblock form factor, expandable memory, Dual Band, Camera, Internet and Bluetooth.
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