Wynncom W253 Cheap Dual SIM Phone

Wynncom W253 is a Utility Mobile Phone. It is the latest addition from Wynncom and is a dual SIM phone. The phone is provided with a 1.3MP camera with a flash light and features like video recording and playback. The phone has an expandable memory up to 16 GB and long lasting 1000mAh battery. W253 is a Java enabled phone with other utilities like FM Radio with a recording feature in it and PC sync application for better and easier media and data transfer. The phone has a support for Hindi language and is powered up with GPRS support too.Wynncom W253 Price in India is Rs.2,800. It is amongst the best low price dual sim phones in India.

Utility Phone W253 is provided with social networking features and you can enjoy different social services like Yahoo, Facebook chat and MSN. In addition to that the phone has an Opera Mini browser and support for Snaptu so that you can get in touch with your friends. The 1.4 MP camera has a good resolution and is capable of good quality video playback. The flash light allows you to click images wherever and however you want. Utility Phone W253 is a JAVA enabled phone and you can enjoy different JAVA applications on it.
W253 is provided with mobile tracker which is pretty helpful when it comes to finding a lost phone. 
The phone is a perfect for a long lasting music experience and with the long lasting battery you can enjoy very much while watching your favorite media or listening to your favorite songs. The phone is provided with all the fancy featurea a modern user demads for.

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