HTC Sensation vs iPhone 4 Mobile Comparison

Apple iPhone 4 and HTC Sensation are the latest smartphones in India. They have a very close comparison when it comes to select among them. Apple is undoubtedly the unquestionable leader of innovation and HTC has emerged as someone that’s quickly catching up with the demands of the customers and promising to give Apple a tough fight. Today we compare the master pieces of both the companies, the Apple iPhone 4 and HTC Sensation. The comparison between the two demands a lot of scrutiny as both phones hardly matches in different important features.


Design And Size:
iPhone 4 has always been loved by both the genders because of its excellent design and looks, Sensation is not far behind, it is probably a bit on the larger size but still has an excellent design and finish. iPhone 4 turns out to be efficacious in battle of size, measuring about 115.2mm in length and only 9.3mm thick. The giant sensation is 126.1mm in length and 11.3 mm thick, it also weighs 148g compared to 137 gram of the sleek iPhone 4.

Apple has the incredible retina eye display with 16M color support and resolution of 640*960. Sensation has a decent S-LCD TFT capacitive touchscreen with resolution of 540*960 but not as good as iPhone’s. Sensation however has a much bigger screen than iPhone 4. It has a giant 4.3 inch screen compared to iPhone4’s 3.5inch.

Processor And OS:
Sensation has 1.2Ghz dual core processor with Adreno 220 GPU, iPhone 4 has a single core 1 Ghz processor fitted with Power VR GPU. Sensation is clearly way too powerful than iPhone4 in this race. When we talk of Apple it is obvious that the phone has an iOS, iPhone 4 runs on the latest iOS4 whereas Sensation has the latest Android 2.3(gingerbread) OS.

HTC sensation possesses an excellent 8MP camera compared to the mediocre 5MP camera of the iPhone 4. HTC is also able to record HD 1080p videos compared to 720p video recording in iPhone4. Both cameras are packed with features and both phones also have secondary cameras to assist video calling.

Storage Capacity:
iPhone 4 is available in 16 and 32 GB versions with 512 MB of RAM but there is no memory card slot to increase the memory. Sensation has an internal memory of 1GB but can be extended up to 32GB with microsd card, it also has 768MB of RAM.


It would be unfair to say that HTC Sensation is just ahead, there is a clear difference in the strength of both the devices, HTC does not only have a much powerful processor but has other features that are clearly ahead of iphone4 therefore its HTC Sensation who gets the crown for the moment.

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