Latest Nokia Mobile Phones in India July 2011

Nokia India is again on an expansion mode, after losing a lot of its market to Samsung and HTC because of the Android craze in India. Now Nokia has launched 3 new mobile phones in India in just 1 month. The latest mobiles launched by Nokia are Nokia E6, X7 and X1-01. Nokia E6 is the successor of Nokia’s one of the most successful QWERTY Phone i.e. Nokia E5. X7 belongs to the Music series and X1-01 is a cheap Dual SIM Phone. Lets talk in brief about each one of them.

Nokia E6:
E6 is the latest smartphone in India with Touchscreen as well as QWERTY Keypad. It has all the features which E5 has and is better than it in all respects. E6 comes with the new the new Nokia Anna OS and has a good hardware configuration. It has a 8MP Camera, 3G, Wi-Gi, GPS and good social networking features. Its current Price in India is Rs.18,000 which is quite high at this time. However this phone will surely make a good place in the Indian mobile market once its price goes down to Rs.15,000 to 16,000. Overall Nokia E6 is a very nice device and can solve your multimedia as well as Business use. More on Nokia E6 Features and Specifications here.
Nokia X7:
Nokia X7 will be a disaster, only because of its super high price. Nokia X7 include 4 Inch AMOLED Display, 8MP Camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Symbian Anna OS. However X7 does not stand at par with the latest android mobiles in India in the range of Rs.20,000. The Anna OS cannot stand the performance of Android. Its Price in India is Rs.20,500. Overall X7 is not worth buying and will surely disappoint. More on Nokia X7 Features and Specifications here.
Nokia X1-01  
Nokia X1-01 is here to give bad times to cheap mobile brands in India like Micromax, Karbonn and Lava. Nokia X1-01 is an excellent and cheap Dual SIM Mobile phone. It is a Dual SIM GSM mobile with very basic features such as Music Player, Expandable memory up to 16GB. It has a very long battery life and it can play music for almost 36 Hours!. Nokia X1-01 is mainly designed for budget mobile buyers and It will please them with its features and rock bottom price. Its Price in India is Rs.1,850. Overall Nokia X1-01 is a clever move by Nokia as it will really give them a nice boost in the semi-urban mobile markets of India. More on Nokia X1-01 Features and Specifications here.
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