Playbook vs Xoom Tablet Comparison

With the tablet market in India going crazy with the addition of new tablets every day, the latest addition to the tech selves from a renowned manufacturer is Playbook from Blackberry makers RIM and Xoom from Motorola. The main competitor for all the tablet manufacturers is undoubtedly the Apple iPad2, seemingly the competition is getting tougher and tougher for iPad but somehow it has managed to keep its market share on the high so far. Will Playbook and Xoom be able to get any closer to beat the iPad in the tablet race or will this prove to be just yet another good try. Let us compare the important features of both these tablets to find out which one has a better chance.

The First Impression (Looks and Size):
Playbook is elegant, that’s the first impression that you are going to get no doubt. Its sleek and stylish design and excellent finish will certainly be getting your attention first up, before you get into the details of other specifications. With this sleek and stylish design, playbook weighs only 14 ounce and is much lighter than 1.6 pound Motorola Xoom. Now comes the size, with the weighs compared you can expect Playbook to be extremely compact and that’s exactly what the case is, even with so many tablets around it would be hard to beat its 7-inch pocket fit size, again Motorola Xoom has a screen size of 10.1 inch. Both the tablets feature TFT capacitive touch screens with 16M color with Xoom having a higher resolution 800*1280 compared to 600*1024 pixels of Playbook.

Playbook comes in with a 5mp camera at the back plus a 3MP front camera. To have a 5MP camera in your pocket size tablet is indeed a big delight. It has the ability to capture high resolution images in all environments and record HD 1080p video. Xoom is not behind on this front featuring a 5Mp front camera and a 2MP rear facing camera. It is capable of recording HD 720p video. So Playbook has a slight edge on the camera battle front.

Playbook runs a new OS called QNX while Xoom has quickly gained reputation as being the first tablet running on the latest Android 3.0.Both the tablets feature impressive 1ghz dual core processor. Both the devices are available in 16,32 and 64GB versions.

The availability of apps is something that has always kept Apple ahead of the other tablet manufactures. The only other competitor at the moment as far as apps goes is Google Android. Playbook will definitely not be able to match Motorola Xoom on the apps front with its 3000+ available apps compared to well establish Android apps in Motorola Xoom.

Email Client And Web Browsing:
Playbook lacks the email clients for yahoo, hotmail and gmail but provides a better browsing experience being equipped with Adobe flash player that is missing in Motorola Xoom.

Even though Blackberry has tried hard to produce a business oriented tablet with decent entertainment features the more iPad like Xoom is ahead with its Android 3.0 OS. 

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