Blackberry Messenger 6 Features Review

Blackberry messenger 6 has now been launched by RIM with claims to revolutionize your social experience. What’s different about messenger 6 is that it has a support for connected apps and integrates deeply in to the third party apps like Wikitude. With this new app you are able to send messages to your friends not having the IM client. Your conservations are nicely displayed in the user manual. It’ll also take your gaming experience to a new level with the messenger built right in to them. What all that means is that now you’ll be able to carry on with the chatting and interacting with friends when inside the blackberry connected app while playing games or using applications. You can also invite your friends to join you while playing and recommend them an application while inside it by selecting them from the contact list. You can also post the apps to your profile to let your fiends know which applications you’ve been using.
For the moment the connected applications includes only Foursquare and Wikitude in addition to a lot of other games but you’ll soon see more connected apps being added to the this list. BlackBerry users who are using BB OS v4.5 or higher can now download the new Blackberry messenger 6 from their App World. The launch of this application is a clear indication that BlackBerry hasn’t lost hope to regain its position in the cell phone world which along with other manufactures saw a tough phase since the launch of the Apple iPhone. Lot will depend on how the new phones do which BlackBerry is planning to launch in coming days.

With out a doubt BlackBerry messenger 6 is something that social networking and gaming geeks have long been waiting for and with no such app around BlackBerry is surely going to get the attention of lot of users and a it has a great chance to get a stronger grip on the market share quickly. Apple the main Blackberry competitor will be keeping a close eye on its progress as it itself is looking to launch its own messenger application with iOS 5 named iMessenger.

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