Know About Symbian Belle Operating System

Nokia has released its next version of Symbian OS called the Belle. The new OS looks and works better than before. What is intriguing is the gorgeous new widgets, built in NFC functions, new customization options, and off course the new apps. The new OS will be available on the new Nokia Symbian smartphones and those using the ANNA OS will be able to get a free upgrade. A lot of improvement has been made in this new OS to completely modernize your Symbian experience. We have reviewed a few worth mentioning features of Belle.

Amazing Live Widgets:
The common widgets like clock, calendar, organizer, email, contact and music player are gets a new design and can be used in 5 different sizes. The resizing allows you to create completely personalized screens. New toggle widgets are also added for tasks like changing the profiles or switching the Bluetooth.

More Homescreens:
Now you can personalize not only 3 but 6 homescreens in totals making everything reachable in no time.
New navigation and Status Bar:
The navigation bar at the bottom gets a completely new look, the cool new navigation bar is similar to the one that we first saw on Nokia N9. The status bar also gets a modern look; it features a pull down notification tab with common settings and notification of incoming messages, missed calls and more.

Informative Locked Screen:
The new lock screen gives you all the information about the calls missed and messages in your inbox so you can check everything you missed with just a glance at your phone.

Improved NFC Integration:
The near field communication (NFC) is deeply integrated in to the belle OS making sharing stuff and connecting accessories easier than ever.

New powerful Business Apps:
Belle includes a new set of powerful business apps from Microsoft like Lync, One Note, Exchange active Sync, Power point Broadcaster, and share point.

Visual Multitasking:  
Visual multi tasking allows you to swaps between live images of open apps on the smart phone to see their status and swiftly flick between your apps.

Currently Nokia Symbian Belle will be available with the recently announced Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701.
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