LG Optimus Pad Tablet in India Soon

After months of rumors LG has finally released the LG Optimus Pad rebadged as T-mobile G slate in the United States. There were also rumors about the tablet featuring 3D video capture together with a Glass free 3D display but they all indeed turned out to be nothing more than rumors. What’s true is that we have a Tablet powered by a Tegra 2 Processor and a 5MP front facing camera 3D capture but the display is not 3D by any means.  LG ptimus Pad is expected to hit Indian markets by October 2011

Size and Looks:
LG Optimus is only an 8.9 inch tablet smaller than the potential competitors Motorola Xoom and Samsung galaxy tab. LG claims that the tablet can be comfortably held in one hand but that may not be as comfortable because it is fairly heavy, weighing 630g even heavier than the much larger Apple iPad. but the idea is really to give the users a portable device with a bigger enough screen to watch movies on. As far as the looks are concerned it really lacks the wow factor as some of the other tablets around. It also doesn’t have the premium feel like that of iPad, infect feels more plastic rather than solid.

The Optimus screen is quiet sharp and crisp. The resolution is high enough for a 8.9 inch tablet to give a nice and refined visual experience. The Motion is very responsive. The display however is not bright enough and suffers in direct sunlight but quiet efficient indoors and offers pleasurable viewing experience. 

Optimus features a Dual 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash and resolution of capturing resolution of 2560х1920 pixels. It supports stereoscopic photos & videos and geo-tagging as well. It is able to record 1080p 2D video at 24fps and captures 3D 720p video at 30fps. It also features a 2Mp front camera.

Processor And OS:
LG Optimus Pad features a dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor powered by ULP GeForce GPU on a Tegra 2 T20 chipset. The processor runs Android 3.0 (Honeycom) processor.
Storage Capacity:
Optimus Tab offers a huge 32GB of internal storage capacity but does not have a card slot for memory expansion.

Final Verdict:
Optimus Pad offers an extremely potable design and decent enough display; it is going to be a tough competitor for Motorola Xoom and Samsung Tab but probably not the iPad.
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