Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Review in India

Samsung Mobiles India have launched their latest tablet called the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India. The 10.1 inch tablet from Samsung is going to fire up the already heated battle between Android tablets in Indian market. Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Price in India is Rs.36,200. With the budget tablets around and other giant manufacturers looking to make their way in the Indian markets one would expect the Galaxy tab to be one out of the top drawer. We have reviewed the tablets on multiple features and here what it has to offer.

The 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab 750 impresses one and all straight away with the design. Samsung has opted for a widescreen design similar to the one find in Acer tablet but its ultra light weight makes it much superior. It is even lighter than the iPad 2 by a minute 36g margin, weighing at 565g. It also takes away the title of world’s thinnest tablet from the iPad by a minimal 2mm having a depth of 8.6mm.

It features the TFT LCD display having a resolution of 1280×800 pixels on 10.1 inch display size. The LCD is very like the mini version of Samsung LCD. It has the TouchWiz user interface that for the first time is seen with an Android device from Samsung. It WXGA display also has a 4 way rotation. Samsung, the leading manufacturers of the LCD panel also supplies LCD’s for iPad but it seems they clearly had reserved the best for Galaxy Tab.

It comes with a 3MP primary camera that is also able to record HD 720p videos. The camera performance is not quite satisfactory though, the images are grainy and video recording is also a bit jittery. There is also a 2MP secondary camera for video calling. 

Processor and OS:
It features dual core 1GHz Nividia tegra 2 processor with 1GB of RAM. With Samsung Galaxy Tab we finally get to see the Android Honeycomb on a Samsung tablet. The tablet has performance has been smooth and responsive.

Galaxy Tab 750 without a doubt is the most portable tablet yet. It is the closest thing to the iPad2 so far. It also has an impressive OS, the lack of apps is the only negative but that is also improving with new apps coming every day.
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