Motorola Fire vs Nokia E5 Comparison

Motorola Mobiles India have recently launched its latest Android mobile in India with QWERTY keyboard  and touchscreen, the Motorola Fire. This phone is surely going to have a good competition with exisiting QWERTY mobile phones in India. In this post we will compare Motorola Fire with Nokia’s most successful QWERTY Mobile in India in recent times, i.e. Nokia E5
Sizeand Design:
Both phones even though having the QWERTYkeyboard style have different designs. Nokia Eh has the screen in landscapescape mode making the phone a little wider 59.5 mm compared to Motorola Fire59mm having the screen encased in portrait format. Fire is also a little longer116.5mm in contrast to 115mm E5. Nokia E5 is however slimmer than the competitorhaving depth of 12.8 in comparison to 13.5mm of Fire.
Motorola Fire features a 2.8 inch TFTcapacitive touchscreen having a resolution of 240*320 pixels with 262K colorsupport. The 2.36 inch screen of Nokia E5 is not a touchscreen having aresolution of 320*240 with same 256K color support. Motorola Fire with itstouch and type feature and bigger screen is the winner here.
Fire comes with a 3.15MP camera with outthe touch focus and LED flash whereas Nokia E5 is equipped with a 5MP camerawith LED flash but also lacking the autofocus. Fire camera is able to recordvideo with maximum resolution of 480p at 24fps compared to 15fps VGA videorecording in E5. Nokia E5 having a better camera wins this battle.
Processorand OS:
Motorola Fire features a 600 MHz ARM11 processor powered by Adreno 200 GPU on Qualcomm MSM7227-1 chipset and runsthe android OS 2.3(Gingerbread). Nokia E5 also comes with a 600MHz Arm 11processor running the Symbian OS v9.3. Motorola Fire with Android OS has a lotmore to offer when it comes to apps, again giving it a slight edge over NokiaE5.

Storage Capacity:
Motorola Fire has 256MB of RAM and 512MB ROM whereas E5 has250MB of internal memory and 256MB of RAM. Both phones support memory extensionup to 32GB via micro SDMC.

There is nothing much to choose from between the onconnectivity front with both having Bluetooth, Wi-FI, micro USB2.0 and 3Gsupport.

Nokia E5 is better in terms of only the Camera, which I think is not the most important feature of a mobile phone. Motorola Fire excels in terms of processor and hardware. Motorola Fire should no doubt be the choice in this case.

Price in India:
Both the phones are in the range of Rs.9000 as of September 2011. The prices may change by the time you read this post.


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