Motorola Fire Vs Blackberry 8520 Comparison

The trend of QWERTY keyboard smartphonescontinues to grow in the smartphone market as Motorola launched its new smartphone recently called Motorola Fire. Fire doesn’t just feature a full QWERTY keyboard but it alsohas a touch screen to go with it. Here we have compared Motorola Fire with thepioneer of this business style smartphone Blackberry Curve 8520 on multiplefronts.
Sizeand Design:
Motorola Fire is different than most of theQWERTY design smartphones and Curve 8520 in the sense that is has the portraitscreen format compared to the traditional landscape format in Curve 8520. Fireis 116.5mm long compared to 109mm length of Curve 8520. Blackberry curve isalso a little wider, 60mm in contrast to 58mm width of Fire. Motorola fire isthinner than the competitor having depth of 13.5mm compared to 13.9mm of Curve8520. With a decent design and not much of a difference in dimension we cancall this a tie.

Motorola Fire features a 2.8 inch TFTcapacitive touchscreen having a resolution of320*240 pixels compared to 2.46inch TFT screen of Curve 8520. Motorola Fire with a bigger touchscreen andbetter color support of 256K compared to 65K in Curve 8520 is a clear winner.

Fire features a 3.15MP camera with maximumimage resolution of 2048*1536 compared to 2.0MP camera in Blackberry Curve withmaximum image resolution of 1600*1200. Fire records 480p video at 24fpscompared to QVGA video recording in Curve 8520. Again Motorola Fire comes outto be the winner. 

Processorand OS:
Motorola Fire has a 600Mhz processor andCurve has one that is 512Mhz. Fire features the Android OS v2.3 (Gingerbread)and Curve 8520 runs the Blackberry OS. Again Fire comes on top.

Fire has 266MB of RAM and 512MB of ROMwhereas Curve 8520 has 256MB of internal memory. But phones support memoryextension up to32GB via micro SDMC.

Connectivity features of both the smartphones are same except for the 3G support in Motorola Fire. They haveBluetooth, Wi-Fi and micro USB 2.0

Motorola Fire leads on all front specially because of the Android OS and 3G. Blackberry 8520 still has their own loyal, however it is set to lose here except if you are not a hardcore Blackberry fan.

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