Motorola Fire vs Samsung Galaxy Pop

Motorola Mobiles India have recently launched its newTouch and Type smartphone called as Motorola Fire. The demand for QWERTYkeyboard, business style smartphones in India has been increasing in the Indian mobile market andMotorola goes a step ahead also featuring a touchscreen with its QWERTYkeyboard design. Here we have compared Fire with Samsung Galaxy Pop as bothphones are in the same price category of Rs.8,500 to 9,000

Sizeand Design:
Motorola Fire features a full QWERTYdesign with a big touchscreen in the portrait format rather than theconventional landscape format that we see in most of the business smart phones.Fire’s design is perfectly suited for its bigger touchscreen. It is 116.5mmlong and 58mm wide, the depth of the smart phone is 13.5mm. Galaxy Pop on theother hand is completely a touch screen smart phone. It is a little wider thanfire with 60.6mm of width but much smaller in length, 10.9mm.  Galaxy pop is also quiet thinner having adepth of 12.1mm. The two smart phones have completely different designs and itwould be unfair to declare only one a winner here.
Both smart phones feature a TFTcapacitive touch screen with resolution of 240*320 pixels and 256K colorsupport. Galaxy however has a bigger screen, 3.14inch compared to 2.8 inch ofFire. Galaxy Pop features TouchWiz v3.0 interface whereas Fire comes with MotoSwitch UI. Again we have a tie in the display front.
Fire features a 3.15MP camera, lackingautofocus and LED flash. It records video with maximum resolution of 480p at24fps whereas the 3.15MP camera of Galaxy Pop comes with auto focus and also featuresface and smile detection and geo-tagging which give it a slight lead againstFire.
Motorola Fire has 256MB of RAM and 512MBof ROM. Galaxy Pop has 164MB of internal memory. Both smart phones supportmemory extension up to 32GB through micro SD card.
Processor and OS:        
Motorola fire features 600MHz ofprocessor running the Android 2.3(gingerbread) OS and MHz processor of GalaxyPop runs Android 2.2(Froyo).
Both phones support 3G and featuresBluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, Wi-Fi and micro USB 2.0, so again notmuch to choose from between the two when it comes to connectivity feature.

As per features are concerned, both these phones has a lot in common, however due to the presence of Touch and Type features, and also Android 2.3 OS, Motorola Fire emerges as a winner. 

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