What is New in Apple iPhone 4S?

Apple has launched their latest iPhone version, the Apple iPhone 4S. It was launched by Phil Schiller,Apple Vice president of product marketing who is looking to make the headlines with anew tag line “Don’t be deceived because inside it is all new”. We are indeedgoing to see that Phil. Let us review what iPhone 4S has to offer.
Apple iPhone 4S is powerful and you can guess howmuch power we are talking about because it uses the same Dual  Core A5 processor chip. The shooting power also gets a major upgrade with 8MP camera.Apple claims that the new camera will shoot much sharper pictures and bettercolors.

The wireless performance of iPhone 4S hasalso been improved, the new technology allows it to switch between towersduring calls to make sure that you get the best signals available. PaulSchiller also claimed that it has much faster data download and upload times.
A much hyped new voice activated assistant Siri providesvoice control to the iPhone 4S. Now you can get your phone to do what you wantby just talking to it. Unlike previous voice control applications users won’teven need to learn specific commands. The control that Siri provides is to theextent that it allows you to ask question in your own language.
iPhone 4S runs the Apple’s new iOS 5 that is going to bereleased on 12 October. iOS 5 comes with a new iMassage messaging system, appsfor magazines and newspaper and improved notifications. iPhone 4S also supports Apple iCloud. The new OS will also beavailable for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.
According to an interesting Analysis by Ticonderoga Securitiesthere are chance that Apple can sell as many as 1.7 million iPhone 4S. About1.5 million units of iPhone 4 were sold after its release last year.
iPhone 4 has been the most successful product of Apple.Since its launch in 2007 Apple has sold more than 20 million units. The newApple iPhone 4S will be available in with 16, 32 and 64GB of internal storagecapacity. It is going to be released in seven countries on October 14th. It will be available with AT&T connection at starting price of $199.
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