Nokia Lumia 900 in India Soon

In the recent days we have been surrounded by anumber of rumors about Nokia Lumia 900.Various leaked images and specificationsare seen all around every day. PocketNow has confirmed all the rumors andspecifications about the Lumia 900.Now we are more certain what Nokia Lumia 900has to offer.

Nokia Lumia 900 at a glance:-

Lumia 900 is actually the same smart phone thatwas earlier named Ace. Lumia 900 is rumored to be quiet a big device comparedto the other Nokia phones with weight around 160g and thickness of 12mm. Thereare speculations that this extra weight is mainly due to the introduction ofthe new LTE capability in the phone. Not a lot is a secret about the device anymore and hopefully we’ll have the official confirmation about the specificationof the device very soon. It is highly likely that Nokia will launch the phoneat CES this month, the biggest consumer’s electronics show. Here’s a brief lookat what has so far been confirmed about the device.

Lumia will surely be featuring the Windows OSthis time becoming the latest addition to WPBench’s database. Lumia 900 hasbeen code named Eloko according to PocketNow and it will be coming with bothAT&T and T-mobile networks. The phone will have the support for 3G and AWS1700 MHz band respectively. Now coming to display, it is rumored to befeaturing a giant 4.3 inch WVGA display, an 8MP camera and 512MB of RAM.Nothing about the processing power can be confirmed yet. About the batteryspeculations are that an 1830mAH battery will be providing the power.

Lumia 900 will be the first of AT&T’s smartphone featuring the Windows 7.5 Mango OS. Despite Lumia 900 is surely anextremely exciting addition to the world of smart phones which really showcasesthe Windows Mango OS very well. The phone may also just be able to win over thecustomers who are reluctant to go for Windows OS based smart phone.

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