Samsung Guru FM Review In India

Samsung Guru FM is the most basic entrylevel phone from Samsung. It features FM radio and has a long battery life. Ithas simplest of deign and quiet easy to carry. The phone can be compared toNokia 100 in terms of its specifications. It is a good choice for those whodon’t really want any camera in the phone and are actually looking for a longbattery life more than anything.Samsung Guru FM current price in India asof March 2012 is Rs.1290.(BUY It Here)
Sizeand Design:
It is has a compact light weight design.The phone is easy to use and has a firm hold in hand. It is just 45.5mm wideand 110.5mm long. It has depth of 13.17mm but weighs quiet light. The best partof the phone is the keypad which Samsung claims to be anti dust.
It features a TFT, 1.8 inch LCD screenhaving QVGA resolution. The display is quiet sharp and bright as you wouldnormally find with any entry level phone from Samsung.
The phone doesn’t have memory card slot.The internal memory can store a decent no of sms, contacts and call records.
You can transfer the files from the PC viathe micro USB support. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack support.
The Li-Ion Standard 800 mAH battery iscapable of providing up to 8 hrs of talk time enough to let you not worry aboutcharging the mobile every day if you do not use the cell phone excessively.
Other features of the phone includes thatFM radio, Alphanumeric keypad, Built in torch, a five way navigation button,Mobile tracker and Mobile prayer. You can choose your Samsung Guru FM from Blueor Black colors.
The phone is available in India for aboutRS 1,290.
Samsung Guru FM is excellent choice for theusers who are looking for a budget phone which is not only light weight butalso has a long battery life.
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