iPad Mini Rumour Round-Up

While Apple.Inc is busy in San Jose for the most anticipated launch which has been making news for quite a time now, the Launch of iPad mini; we bring to you the probable specifications of the iDevice that have been rumoring around.

Now, the iPad mini is obviously a smaller version of the iPad so we should have nothing less than a 7″ display and the Reports surfaced till now point not to a 7 incher but to a 7.85″ display.

There won’t be a Rear camera as Apple will try to keep the price down but a Facetime camera is expected.

With the recent launch of the iPhone 5, we saw Apple abolishing the 30pin connector and introducing ‘Lightning‘ we are sure it would be there on the iPad mini as well.

As the iPad Mini is not a flagship product, there are little chances that we will get to see the A6 Processor on it and rumors point out to the A5 processor being used instead.

The iPad Mini will be available in the Wi-Fi variant but there are chances that Apple launches a 3G variant as well so as to keep up with the competitors.

The iPad Mini will be available in 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB memory variants.

As for the pricing, iPad Mini is said to cost at $329 for the basic model.

We can expect the Pre-orders to start today with the device being made available from the 2nd of November.

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