Facebook buys out Whatsapp for $16 billion


On Wednesday, Facebook has announced that it has made up its mind to acquire Whatsapp, the numero-uno cross-platform mobile messaging application for $16 billion which includes $4 billion in cash and $12 billion in Facebook stocks. The agreement also states that the $3 billion of restricted Facebook stocks would be divided among Whatsapp founders and their team of 50 employees which will vest over the next four years. Whatsapp has more than 470 million monthly active users and 70% of the registered users are active daily with over 600 million photo uploads and more than 200 million voice notes shared per day.

Having said that, Whatsapp is not shutting down its services and users will continue to “operate independently with absolutely no ads interrupting your communication” just like Instagram. The name ‘Whatsapp’ would not be scrapped off, Jan Koum (CEO) will join Facebook’s Board of Directors and the Whatsapp app will continue to work as a standalone application.


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