Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Nokia once the supreme king of phones is now consistently trying to make in roads in to the highly competitive smart market that is being dominated by Android smart phones and the iPhones. The previous attempts since the launch of Windows 7 have failed quiet miserably. Nokia now shows its hardware power with the feature […]

Nokia Lumia 920 & Lumia 820 launched in India

Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 have been launched in India. Nokia has been constantly calling the Lumia 920 the most wonderful smartphone and has priced it at Rs 38,199 and its sibling at Rs 27,559. Both the phones are on Pre-order at at Rs. 38199 for Lumia 920 and Rs. 27559 for Lumia 820 and […]

Micromax A45 Review Price In India

Micromax mobiles is now picking up pace and coming out with more Android phone to keep with the demands of the Indian market. Recently they have expanded there Superfone series with the launch of Micromax A45 and A52. Micromax A45 comes with AISHA voice recognition feature that we earlier saw in the A50 ninja phone […]

Nokia 111 Review Price In India

Nokia being the no of mobile phone Company in the world when it comes to feature phone has always lived up to the expectation of the customers. Besides producing phones packed with the latest technology and extravagant features, Nokia has never turned its head away from the basic phone users. The well known Nokia 1200, […]

Nokia 110 Dual Sim Phone Review In India

Nokia, the one feature phone company has launched a no of budget phones in the Indian market. The market however seems hungry for the Dual SIM budget phones. Having felt that Nokia has launched the Dual SIM version of Nokia 110 released a few months back. The phone is an excellent choice for those looking […]

Nokia Asha 305 Review In India

Nokia is still the no of company when it comes to feature phone but hasn’t has a lot of success in the smart phone market. Now Nokia is aiming at the budget and emerging markets with there new full touch screen feature phone to close the gap to an extent with the smart phones. Nokia […]

Nokia Asha 302 In India Soon

Nokia has extendedits Asha series with the launch of three more cell phones Nokia Asha 202, Asha 203 and Asha 302. Thesephones were launched at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress inBarcelona. Nokia Asha 302 is the first ever Series 40 cell phone from Nokia tosupport the Mail for Exchange which allows you to access […]

Nokia Asha 202 In India Soon

After thesuccess of Asha series cell phone Nokia has launched three more phones from thesame series at the Mobile world Congress in Barcelona. These phone includes theAsha 202,  Asha 203 and Asha 302. It hasalso unveiled a new cloud based web browser which Nokia claims would reduce theinternet costs. Nokia Asha 202 also features the […]

Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone Coming Soon

Nokia hasannounced yet another couple of Lumia series smart phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.Yes it is the much speculated Lumia 610and Nokia 900 that makes its way. Inthe new Lumia phones Nokia has updated a few of the Windows apps including the Nokia Drive. It has also introduced afew new ones.Nokia […]

Nokia 808 Pure View In India Soon

With a number of new phone coming to the market every day wedo not often find one that really is extraordinary and class apart but Nokia 808 do fall in to thatcategory.  For those who thought that Symbian is dead Nokia 808 has left them thinking. The new phone from the cell phonegiant features a […]